Southwest Paranormal Investigations (SPI) was founded to investigate, document and analyze
paranormal events that fall outside the realm of conventional research. Our areas of interest include all hauntings, ghost, spirits and relatedphenomena.

Southwest Paranormal
Investigations (SPI)

We are here to serve the greater southwest in all
paranormal investigations. Our goal is to help people find out if paranormal activity does exsist
among them and to investigate known places
of paranormal activity. We are not ghost busters but are ghost hunters. Feel free to read and explore our website and if you think you are experiencing unexplained activity or a haunting and wish us to investigate please contact us, we would like to hear from you.
SPI's Principles are:
-To work and ensure that no harm comes to our clients and investigators.

-To promote honesty, accuracy and truthfulness in the investigation process of evidence-analysis and reporting of the collected data.

-To provide advice within the scope of our expertise and knowledge and respect our clients' rights of confidentiality and privacy.
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