Southwest Paranormal Investigations does not charge any fee of any kind to come investigate any hauntings or paranormal activity. We try to investigate most if not all request or invitations if possible. Our services do not include getting rid of spirits or ghost but to investigate and document paranormal activity using the latest in techniques and to supply our clients with our findings.

Southwest Paranormal
Investigations (SPI)

Our team at SPI provides a wide technical approach in our paranormal research and investigations. We use the latest in technology to investigate and document paranormal activity including: (Equipment Photo page coming soon)

8-Digital Recorders, 4-Digital Thermometers, 8-Digital Cameras, 12-High Resolution 240 ft range Night-Vision Cameras, 45-High Res. Night Vision Cameras, 2-16 Channel DVR Systems, 1-Military Night-Vision Scope, Infrared Cameras (FLIR) 2-Thermo Cameras, 3D-HD Full Spectrum Cameras, 12-Motion Sensors and Detectors, 2-Trap Cameras, 4-Motion Detection Cameras, Ovilus ll with digital read out, several EMF Tri-Mters and KII Meters, and 2-Mel Meters. 3-Grid Lasers with clamps and tri-pods. 2-Ghost Box Frequency scaners. Ghost Box.
SB11 Spirit Box. XCAM SLS.
If you have any event you would like us to know about please click on the "contact us" icon and email us your story. We may publish it here on our News and Events page.
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